Introduction of probiotics

Probiotics are a mixture of powder (or liquid) consisting of strains of bacteria, fungi and enzymes, capable of activity in an environment containing organic matter such as wastewater, waste. Probiotics will create a new layer of activated sludge or supplement the old activated sludge layer of the microbiological tank, increasing the ability to handle pollutant compounds in wastewater.
Jumbo probiotic (origin: Vietnam) is a mixture of beneficial bacteria strains such as bacillus, lactobacillus …, fungus sacharomyces, aspergillus and other degradable enzymes. Jumbo probiotic is capable of solving common problems in wastewater treatment systems such as the output wastewater has not met the effluent standards, poor microorganisms, difficult activated sludge, water color. failed, smells bad …


  • New cultures of microbiota: probiotics are added to the start-up stage of the wastewater treatment system to create activated sludge (aerobic and anaerobic sludge) specific to each type of wastewater.
  • Renovation and addition: for systems that have been operating due to many different reasons (such as not operating or blowing system, pump failure), resulting in unsatisfactory output of wastewater. So the system needs to be supplemented with microorganisms to enhance the ability to treat wastewater in the biological tank.
  • Handling suspended residue, color, persistent organic matter
  • Improved sedimentation in sedimentation tanks: probiotics create a high density of activated sludge system so the ability to settle sludge will be better.
  • Processing fats, oils: with the lipase enzyme in probiotics hydrolyze these fats into simple organic compounds that bacteria can consume.
  • Biological lakes: reduce BOD, COD, NH3, H2S and odor in biological lakes


+ Powder form: easy to move and store
+ Density: total amount of beneficial microorganisms (> 1010 CFU / g and CFU / ml)
+ Adaptability: high adaptability to most types of wastewater
+ Ingredients: diversifying, fully assembling microorganisms to treat wastewater pollution
+ Purity: creates F.1 bacteria generations and this flora exists for a long time
We offer the following types of microbiological memos:

Probiotics Jumbo-A

Made in Viet Nam
– Specification: powder, 4 kg / pack
Works in aerobic or arbitrary environments
– Ingredients: bacillus subtilis, lactobacillus acidophilus, Aspergillus oryzae, saccharomyces cerevisiae and enzymes amylase, protease, lipase
– Microbiological density> 1010 CFU / g
– Uses: treating organic matter, persistent compounds, suspended residue, bad smell … in domestic and industrial wastewater

Jumbo-G probiotics

Made in Viet Nam
– Specification: powder, 5 kg / pack
– Works in anaerobic environment
– Ingredients: lactic bacteria, bacillus sp., Bacteria, mold … and enzymes amylase, protease, lipase
– Microbiological density> 1010 CFU / g
– Uses: treating organic matter, odors, organic residue … in domestic and industrial wastewater

Jumbo- Clean probiotics

Made in Viet Nam
– Specification: liquid, 30 liters / can
– Works in discretionary environments
– Ingredients: bacteria bacillus sp., Lactobacillus sp., Aspergillus sp., Bacteriophage, mold … and enzymes amylase, protease, lipase
– Density of microorganisms> 1010 CFU / ml
– Uses: treating odors, decomposing proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose, … in domestic and industrial wastewater
– Jumo-A and Jumbo-G probiotics: dissolve 1 kg of probiotics with 5 liters of water and then pour them evenly on the surface of microorganisms, biological lakes
– Jumbo-Clean probiotics: Dissolve 1 liter of JUMBO-Clean probiotics with 100 liters of clean water and then spray or pour evenly over the surface of the contaminated area, waste dump, pipeline system, biological lake …
– New transplant: Yeast Jumbo- A: 1 kg for 2-3 m3 of wastewater
Jumbo yeast – G: 1 kg for 2- 3m3 of wastewater
Renovation or addition: Men Jumbo- A: 1 kg for 10 -15 m3 of wastewater
Jumbo yeast – G: 1 kg for 10 – 15m3 of wastewater

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Brand Model Description Catalogue
JUMBO A A aerobic or arbitrary environments
JUMBO G G anaerobic environment


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