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Our Expertise

With our own manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, KNE has the capability and capacity to design and fabricate water treatment systems according to clients’ special requirements. Our team of experienced engineers can also provide technical advice and assistance in system design and installation.

Hệ thống RO Khang Ngọc
Hệ thống RO Khang Ngọc


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Our Systems

With more than 10 years of experience in the water treatment solutions industry, KNE is well-equipped with in-depth industry knowledge to handle a wide variety of projects across industries in varying scales.

Hệ RO gia dụng Khang Ngọc

Commercial & Standard RO Systems

Our commercial reverse osmosis water systems are compact, durable and energy-efficient RO unit, designed with easy maintenance and servicing in mind.

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Industrial RO Systems

Our industrial reverse osmosis systems are fully equipped and customizable with a wide selection of skid materials – Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Aluminium and Carbon Steel. It is expandable and skid mounted.

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Hệ RO nước biển Khang Ngọc

Sea Desalination Systems

Our sea desalination systems deliver better quality permeate at lower feed pressure, reduced energy cost and capital cost. Seawater RO Antiscalant & Antifoulant for Multi-stage Flash Distillation Plants.

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Ultrafiltration Systems

Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes systems are more reliable than a conventional multi-media filter. It has high fouling resistance, but also effectively removes microorganisms & suspended solids.

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Our Product Brands

KNE has the expertise and capacity to design and fabricate small and large-scale water treatment systems according to clients’ unique specifications for customized applications across industries. We carry international brands from reputable American & European manufacturers.

We are Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter and Distributor!

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