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Hangzhou Sunshine Filter Press Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a full range of filter press including: filter press, belt press, filter plate (Membrane plate, recessed plate and CGR plate), feeding pump and filter cloth; By first obtaining ISO9001 and CE certificate:

  1. Filter Press
  2. Belt Press
  3. Membrane Plate (PP & Rubber)
  4. CGR Plate
  5. Screw Pump

We  produce the filter plate size range from 250*250mm to 2000*2500mm, the screw pump model from G25-1 to G70-1, the filter press area from 0.16-1600M2, and the belt filter press from DY1000-Q to DY4000-Q.

Our filter press should equip the following auto. Function according to the clients’ requirement:

Auto. Hydraulic system (auto. Opening and closing), Auto. Maintaining pressure, Auto. Plate separate system, Auto. Drip trays; Auto. Cloth washer; Auto. Alarm system; Membrane squeezing system(rubber or PP membrane plate); Safety light guards; Cloth vibrator; Cloth inclining device; PLC control system;

We also would like to produce any different kinds of non-standard filter press for our users;

On the other hand, our company set up Filter Press Research Institute, Engineering Company Department and After-sale Service Department to provide long term and high quality service for our customers

Our products are warmly welcomed by customers all around the world, because they are both excellent in quality and reasonable in prices. Part of product details can be obtained from our on-line catalogue At  

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