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What Is Ozonator? How Ozonator Is Used For Water Treatment?

What Is Ozonator? How Ozonator Is Used For Water Treatment? 

Máy ozone là gì? Ozonator

What is Ozonator?

Ozonator is a device or machine which uses Ozone (O3) for water purification / treatment. Ozonators are applied separately or with water purifier systems like Reverse Osmosis or UV Water Purifiers for water purification process.

Before knowing the details like what is ozonator, how ozonator works and what are the components of ozonator, we need to know what ozone is?

What is Ozone?

Ozone is not a new element. This is just a state of oxygen. The simple air which we take in through our breath is O₂ . When O₂ reacts with ultraviolet rays then O₃ (Ozone) is formed. When ultraviolet rays hit over the oxygen then it breaks and one molecule of O₂ gets free. This results in two free oxygen (O) molecules. This is very unstable state of oxygen. In such a situation, it forcibly bonds with O₂ and becomes O₃ (Ozone).

This state of ozone (O₃) is very unstable and its half life is very short. This means that if we have made O₃ in any artificial way, then it will remain O₃ for some time and later it will automatically break and become O₂ .

O₂ is stable. We can pack O₂ in a cylinder but this does not apply for O₃. Ozone (O₃) is always ready to give its molecule immediately to any other elements because it is very very reactive. Thus, it is an awesome oxidizer. Even if an element has touched it or passed through, it gives its oxygen molecule immediately. But yes, for this immediate reaction, ozone (O₃) has to stay in its half life. This reaction will not takes place if ozone molecules (O₃) break down.

Ozone can react with almost all elements. Humans do not yet have a more powerful oxidizing agent than ozone.

Máy ozone là gì? Ozonator

Uses of Ozone in water 

Ozone is used in water treatment process to filter the objectionable elements. Some of the important functions of ozone are :

1. Destroys Bio Organics : Ozone destroys Bio Materials in water like fungus completely by breaking up their cells.

2. Changes Taste Of Water : This is important. Excess ions in water, such as sodium and potassium, make the taste of water worse. These ions have to be removed to make the water taste good. Ozone removes these ions very easily.

3. Neutralizes Fertilizers : Fertilizers are used in farming and in industries. These fertilizers when mixed in water, make it poisonous. Ozone is a very efficient fertilizer neutralizer. It breaks down fertilizers and make them non harmful. So often we see that industries have used ozonators along with water softeners.

What is Ozonator? How does it work?

We mentioned earlier that ozonator is a device that is used in water treatment process. It removes heavy chemicals that are mixed in water and makes water crystal clear. It produces ozone gas (O₃), which kills bacteria ,fungus , protozoa etc , 50 times more faster than any other water treatment process. It also destroys Bio materials like fungus.

There is a high electrical field in an ozonator. Whenever oxygen or dry air passes through this high electrical field, the oxygen molecules (O₂) breakdown into two single oxygen molecules (O) and immediately becomes ozone (O₃) by colliding with other oxygen molecules (O₂). When this oxygen is mixed with impure water, it breakes down heavy chemicals, fertilizers, biomaterials, bacteria, viruses etc.

Components of ozonator

Components of ozonator are :

1. Transformer

2. High voltage electrode

3. Insulating material

4. Low voltage electrode

Use of ozonator in water treatment


After knowing what is ozonator, let us know where exactly an ozonator is used or placed. Ozonator is mostly used before water filtration. Ozone makes physical and chemical impurities harmless by making bond with them, but the by-products of these harmless impurities remain in the water. We have to remove these by-products by water filtration systems like Carbon Filtration and Reverse Osmosis. Therefore Ozonator is mostly installed before the water filtration system.

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Side effects of Ozone

Ozonator has many advantages but also some side effects. Let us know about those side effects :

1. Bromide + Ozone = Cancer : Bromide is negatively charged ion form (Br−) of the element bromine. If there is bromide in our supplied water, then bromide and ozone together have a very high risk of causing cancer. Therefore it is very important for us to check whether there is bromide in our water or not before installing an ozonator.

2. High Power Consumption : Ozone is prepared on site and it cannot be stored. Therefore ozonator consumes a lot of electricity. If we look at electric consumption, then ozonator comes second after water pump.

3. By-Products : Although ozonator or ozone makes physical, chemical and biological impurities non harmful, but it produces by-products also. Those by-products are removed by water filtration process.

4. Reinfection : This is the prime side effect of ozonator. There is always a risk of reinfection in ozonator treated water. It is okay, if we consume ozonator treated water immediately or seal it in the bottle. But if we supply it at some distance by pipeline or canal then water gets reinfected.


Ozonators are now in high demand nowadays because of more industrialization. The Governments of so many countries have made some rules that you cannot drain chemical mixed water directly. Therefore it is a compulsion for industries to have an ozonator. Ozone treated water is absolutely safe to drain.

Ozone treated water is also safe to drinks because ozonator does not use any chemical or powder to treat the water. Most of the bottled water available in the market are treated by Reverse Osmosis and Ozonator.

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